1. Broadly utilized in machine instruments, papermaking hardware, mechanical cog wheels, engines, wind generators, steel equipment, mining equipment, and so on
  2. The external ring and internal parts (inward ring and roller and pen segments) can be isolated, which is helpful for get together and dismantling.
  3. Can run at high velocity and turn with exceptionally little grating opposition, to acquire high‑precision and stable development.
  4. Made of high‑quality bearing steel material, is hard, wear‑resistant and solid, and furthermore has long help life.
  5. Modern creation, gives amazing quality, fine creation of subtleties, more steady performance and higher work effectiveness.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Thing Type: Bearings
china Bearing for mining equipment supplier

Material: Bearing Steel

Shading: As the Picture Shown

Model: 32205 7505E

Raceway Type: Tapered Raceway

Number of Rolling Body Columns: Single Column

Moving Element: Tapered Roller

Primary Applicable Cage: J Steel Plate Stamping Cage

Internal Diameter: Approx. 25mm/1in

External Diameter: Approx. 52mm/2in


  1. The bearing is a different sort, the client can change the freedom as per the requirements when introducing.
  2. The bearing ought to be cleaned with gas or lamp oil before use and kept all around greased up.
  3. At the point when the bearing is introduced, the bearing ought to be squeezed into the segment and beating is stringently denied.
  4. The bearing stockpiling spot ought to be perfect and ventilated to keep away from dampness. Bearings that need long haul stockpiling ought to be consistently rust-confirmation.

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